How To Identify Your Target Market

Target Market

How do I identify my target market? I’m sure we’ve all come across the salesman who has a product he claims that everyone can benefit from.  However, you know that no such product exists.  There is really no silver bullet.  Matter of fact, everyone that has a product for every market ends up on the […]

Can Your Business Benefit From The One-Page Marketing Plan?

One Page Plan

Is your business struggling to get customers? Most likely it’s because you’re not executing on your marketing plan or haven’t reviewed it lately.  In this article, I’ll share with you a simple marketing plan which basically can be used by any business struggling to get more customers. So with that let’s go through the plan.  […]

3 Reasons Your Website Sucks At Getting You Customers

Lead Generation

There are at least 3 reasons your website is not getting customers flowing to your business.  In the next few points I’ll open it to you.  First, though if you have not been doing any kind of marketing, keep in mind that it’s going to be tough to have a business for a long time […]

Welcome to PR Marketing

Welcome to PR Marketing! PR Marketing is all about helping your business scale. Most people have a website, but that’s the extent of it. Smart business owners go one step further and add the marketing tools necessary to help them generate more leads and eventually convert more customers in buying their products or services. Are […]