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3 Reasons Your Website Sucks At Getting You Customers

There are at least 3 reasons your website is not getting customers flowing to your business.  In the next few points I’ll open it to you.  First, though if you have not been doing any kind of marketing, keep in mind that it’s going to be tough to have a business for a long time unless you have already developed a great clientele that keeps coming back for more regularly.  Even then you want to expand your clientele because in different seasons you will need to be able to continue getting new clients.Lead Generation

The first reason your website is not getting you clients is that most business owners use their website as a brochure.  If you hand me a brochure I look at it and may peruse it but that’s it.  I’ll put it there for the next time I have a need for those services or products.  By the time that happens though someone else will fill the void because they’ve been in my mind by staying in front of me consistently as the go-to solution for that need.

The second reason continues on this first reason.  Your website needs to be a place where any prospect can come and have a conversation or exchange with you.  It must increase your prospects’ curiosity to want to learn more from you or want something of value from you.  Most websites don’t have a lead magnet, which is nothing more than a powerful, irresistible offer that will cause the right prospect to want to exchange their info for that free offer.

The third reason is that once you collect information with your autoresponder, you don’t stay in front of that customer long enough to remind them to take action on your offers.  If you don’t have an email marketing campaign where you keep the dialogue going with that customer then you’ll never be top of mind when it’s time for them to make a decision about your services.  And it can’t just be offers.  You must educate and entertain your prospects so you remain memorable.

There are many more reasons and I invite you to take my 5-Day Bootcamp so you can learn the basics of the 1-Page Marketing Plan and learn how to leverage the media already available to you to put your message in front of your market in the most effective way.

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