One Page Plan

Can Your Business Benefit From The One-Page Marketing Plan?

Is your business struggling to get customers?

Most likely it’s because you’re not executing on your marketing plan or haven’t reviewed it lately.  In this article, I’ll share with you a simple marketing plan which basically can be used by any business struggling to get more customers.

So with that let’s go through the plan.  If you’d like more details on this plan, sign up for my 5-Day Bootcamp on the One-Page Plan.

  1. Who is in your target Market?
    1. Know their demographics – including age range, income range and interests.
  2. What’s your Message?
    1. Put that message in flagship video, and then put it in front of your target audience.
  3. What Media will you leverage?
    1. Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/Twitter/Pinterest/Google?
  4. Need to Capture Leads.
    1. Do you have a way to identify prospects to your products?
    2. Do you have a Funnel to take them through?
    3. Do you have a lead magnet?)
  5. Need to Nurture Your Leads.
    1. Continue to keep them warm by staying in front of them until they buy your first product or service.
    2. This is where Email Marketing comes in.
  6. Need to Convert Leads to Customers or Regular Viewers.
    1. Do you have a system to convert Leads into Customers?
    2. Without an offer in your funnel that converts a lead to a paid customer you’ll never be able to pay for your marketing?
    3. If you are paying for marketing and you’re for profit, there’s got to be a measurable ROI.
  7. Need a more effective Support Team.
    1. Who’s going to deal with your customers when they have issues?
    2. Do you have some kind of Helpdesk?
    3. If you are the only one supporting your product or service, do you have a chat service available to talk to your customers when you’re available?
  8. Have you gotten a referral lately from your customer?
    1. Did you do such a great job that they can refer you to their friends/colleagues?
  9. Customer Retention = Business Growth
    1. Your competitors are selling more to their customers and attracting yours.
    2. Are you selling more to your current customers?
    3. Do you have a ladder of value where they can get even more value from your services, like one-on-one vs. group coaching.

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